Driveway Resurfacing

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast


If your existing driveway has taken a beating over the years and needs an image update, the professional team at All Concrete Coatings can help. We specialise in driveway resurfacing in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast for both existing and new properties.

Driveway resurfacing is an easy way to add value to your home by enhancing the look of your exterior. With a variety of concrete finishes available, we can bring your old or new plain concrete driveway to life. All you need is an existing concrete driveway, and we will improve its look with different colours or textured coatings.

If your existing property is being renovated and the driveway has cracks in it, needs levelling or some maintenance to bring it up to the right standard, we’ll take care of that first. Next, we’ll spray a hardy cement coating over the driveway in whichever colour or texture you’d prefer. The spray will bond with the cement, creating a very hard wearing driveway that will stand the test of time.

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Driveway Resurfacing Brisbane

With over 23 years of experience, All Concrete Coatings can help improve the look of your Brisbane home. Your property is your biggest investment, so when wear and tear start compromising its look and value, it might be time to give it a rejuvenating lift with a simple driveway resurfacing.

Driveway Resurfacing Sunshine Coast

Over time, the heat and rain can take their toll on your Sunshine Coast driveway, leaving it looking lacklustre and in need of attention. With a little bit of care and some spray on driveway resurfacing, we can boost the look of your property and add years to its life and dollars to its value.

Driveway Resurfacing Gold Coast

Everything gleams on the Gold Coast, and you want your home to look its best too. Why not get in touch with the driveway resurfacing experts at All Concrete Coatings and we’ll come and talk to you about your options for bringing your driveway back to life.

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