Epoxy coatings are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications where long lasting and hardwearing protection is required. Due to it’s seamless finish it provides excellent protection to concrete surfaces from spillages, pollution and chemicals. The surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Examples of uses: Workshop, garage, warehouse, and showroom floors, schools, hospitals, car parks, cold storage.

Polyurethane Coatings are often used for external applications or in environments with a high UV exposure. It provides protection against medium to high foot traffic and high wear situations, and is a flexible concrete paint solution.

Examples of uses: Warehouse, hospital, storage floors, exterior finish for balconies, patios, pool surrounds, car parks.

Concrete surface coatings come in a wide range of finishes with examples being metallic (glass like), flake (granite look) and polished (exposed aggregate). Also a range of anti slip additives and aggregates can be added to provide a non slip finish.

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